Pray for the

Ashcraft Family


Thank you for praying for and supporting our ministry in Monterrey, Mexico. We continue to train national pastors and reach the lost with the Gospel.


June 2019


JUN' 19


Beginning construction on class room space.


Dear Friend,

Even though you do not know their names or recognize their faces, you are having an impact on the lives of real people with real souls. As we work with people – discipling, counseling and leading – we notice the heartbreak and heaviness that they carry with them. One of the frustrations (if I may use that term) of the ministry is feeling under qualified to help people that truly need help. We must depend on God for strength and guidance if we are to lead people to the truth and to pilot them toward life abundant. This is one of the areas in missionary work where no amount of financial support can fill the need.

Training National Pastors

Training National Pastors

Missionaries are nearly totally dependent on your daily prayer for us. We need your consistent and fervent prayer for the Holy Spirit to give us power to preach the Gospel and teach the Word of God to needy souls. As we minister to people, we think of you spending time before the Lord lifting our names to Heaven. What an awesome responsibility you have! What a blessed position in which to be!

As you pray for us this month, please remember our practical needs as well. There are nationals coming to us for training. We must feed them and house them while they are under our care. These responsibilities carry a cost with them and for that we are dependent on you.

Evangelizing the back country

Evangelizing the back country

We are thankful to those pastors and individuals who have committed to give toward our dormitory and class room renovation project this summer. The clock is ticking and we have got to finish the work before the national pastors arrive in August. We know He will provide through you.

We have two organized soul winning programs each week – one on Tuesday evening and one on Thursday evening. We have had an average of 100 soul winners in these two programs, combined, this month. Many hundreds of people hear a clear presentation of the Gospel and dozens of visitors come to church each Sunday. What a joy to build lives on the mission field.

Thank you for your faithfulness. We are strengthened by your steadfastness and encouraged by your unwavering service.

Yours in His service,

Jonathan Ashcraft


May 2019


MAY' 19



Dear Friends,

Praise the Lord for all His blessings. We have two items of good news. 

First, last night we held commencement exercises for our Bible institute. This is our church planting and national pastor training ministry. One young woman and three young men graduated after completing their four year course with us. These young men are all about to go into full time ministry and have a burden for the regions in Mexico from which they are originally. We are so proud of them and the way God has molded them in their time with us. 

The Bible institute is probably one of the most demanding segments of our missionary work but aside from personal soul winning, it is definitely the most rewarding. Having the opportunity to see churches planted and strengthened by the nationals we train is worth each drop of sweat and every penny invested. 

As the school year closes, we have two projects for which we desperately need your help. The first is a dorm remodel. We began renovation on this building several years ago and the project got bogged down. We need to get it finished before August of this year and it will probably only take about $10,000 (US Dollars). The second is a class room and chapel space renovation. This building has good bones but needs a facelift and some furniture. We need 150 chairs and 15 tables. We also need to update the lighting and install air conditioners. In all, for this project, we need about $12,000 (US Dollars). Please pray for the funds to come in and about having a part in these projects. 

The second item of good news is about our big day we had the last Sunday in April. Our goal was to fill our auditorium which has a capacity of 915. Praise the Lord, after a lot of prayer, fasting and hard work, we had 906 present that day in church! Over 120 walked the aisle for salvation and many were baptized.

We believe in the local church as the center of Gods work on earth and are grateful for being able to lead a church like Mount Hebron Baptist Church. 

Thank you for praying for and supporting us on the mission field. God is good. 

Yours in His Service, 

Jonathan Ashcraft