Over 200 churches planted and counting...


How we work

The Local Chruch

The basis for our missionary, church planting ministry is the local, independent, New Testament church. This is the Biblical model set forth in first century churches. The church must plant churches. The local church is an incubator for evangelists, pastors and teachers. This is where the perfecting of the saints takes place. 

Training and sending

The best pastor is a man who knows the people, the language and the culture. No one can reach national people as a national pastor can. We subscribe to the method of providing training in the local church, equipping for the gospel and sending those men to the fields to which they have been divinely called. In some cases, we go with them and get them started, in other cases, we send them and pray and support them. 

Partnering with you

You are an integral part of how we do things. Financial and prayer support must go in the same direction as that of the gospel. As you pray for and support us, our capacity for training and sending grows. Without local churches in the United States our ministry would slow and our effectiveness would diminish. When you are strong, we are strong. God can do anything through us as we work together.


“When you are strong, we are strong.”


Projected new church plants based on financial support.


1962 - 2018


Our goal is to see 400 churches planted by the year 2030. This is possible. The perfect model for church planting is establishing one, localized training ministry under a string, independent Baptist church on the mission field and sending out church planters. While ir is effective, it's not cheap – not even close. Financial resources are needed to train, house, feed and transport Bible students while they are under our care. The only limit to the effectiveness of this Biblical model of a church planting churches is financial restraint.