Dr. Tommy Ashcraft's July 2018 Prayer Letter

Dear Praying Friends

Thank you very much for your support of this ministry. It is amazing what God has done for the cause of the gospel because of your faithfulness. 

Since my last report I have been in ten churches. Four of those were for missions conferences. I mentioned in my last letter that I was scheduled to be with one of our graduates, Erik Cu, in Lerma, Campeche. THIRTEEN of our graduates who live and work in that area attended the conference. It was like a family reunion! Most of them are pastors and their wives. Two of them, Bro. Samuel Esquivel, and Bro. Francisco Aguirre, preached during the meeting. How encouraging it is to see what God is doing with men and women whom you have helped to train. We are excited about the ones who are currently being prepared for the future. 

Our daughter, Tammie Gonzalez, came from El Salvador for four days this last week to help me finish dispensing with the remainder of our household goods and Brenda’s personal effects. We reduced over 100 containers to just a few. All of the memorabilia and items of sentimental value have been shared with the three children and their families, and Brenda’s two sisters, Nyla and Peggy. 

I was surprised at how well I was able to deal with the finality of this process. I still miss Brenda, of course. How could I not? Jonathan is planning a special celebration service on Brenda’s birthday on August 22. I am of all men most fortunate. My life was blessed by the life of the greatest lady I have ever known. 

I am scheduled to be in 32 churches during the rest of the year. Some of these meetings are missions conferences, others are pastors’ and workers’ conferences. I will teach four-day modular courses in two Bible colleges, including ours the second week of August. It is a challenge and a blessing to spend time with many of our graduates helping and encouraging them in different areas of their ministries. I have also had the privilege of working with men trained in other good colleges giving them a different perspective for their ministries. 

I preached in our church’s youth camp last Tuesday night. Seventy five people went to camp. What an impressive group of young people! I preached “What is Your Life?” based on James 4:14. There was a great response. On Wednesday night 23 young people surrendered their lives for full-time service. Please pray for Jonathan. He fell and fractured two ribs while at camp. He is fine, but in a lot of pain. I preached in his place last Sunday morning and Wednesday night.. 

Sunday July 15 was a wonderful day at Mount Hebron Baptist Church. God blessed with 74 visitors, 50 professions of faith and 30 baptisms. It is obvious that God’s hand is on Jonathan, both in his preaching and his leadership. It is so encouraging to see how the church continues to mature under Jonathan’s ministry. 

I have enjoyed my soul-winning experiences both here at Mount Hebron and in the other churches where I preach, as well as in personal contacts as I travel. I am amazed at the people who are willing to open up to a stranger who simply shows a personal interest in their lives. What a joy to share a message of hope and security in a world filled with fear and doubt! 

Last Friday night while Tammie was here, we went soul-winning with the church group. Luis, a young man, came to the door, listened to the plan of salvation, prayed, and trusted Christ as his savior. There is no experience in the world like leading a dear person to faith in Christ. What a blessing! 

Thank you, again, for your faithfulness. You make our ministry possible. Thank you for allowing God to use you. Yours for souls, 

Bro. Tommy Ashcraft