Bro. Jonathan Ashcraft's June 2018 Prayer Letter

Dear Pastor Ashcraft,

Thank you for continuing to pray for and support us as your ambassadors in Mexico. Much work has been accomplished and fruit has been added to your account since we last wrote. Many exciting things have taken place. We wish we could share everything with you. Only eternity will truly reveal what you have had a part in through our ministry. 


In the month of May our Bible institute held it’s annual graduation. Five men received their diplomas and and are prepared to go out and plant churches. One lady graduated and will stay on with us serving in the bus ministry and Sunday school. Our Bible institute is our premiere missions ministry. Over 200 churches have been planted by our graduates and we are actively assisting men today with this great need. We are thankful for all the Lord has allowed us to do and pray for many more years of fruitful labour. 

The most exciting activity of the week here is our Thursday evening soul winning program. Two weeks ago we had a high attendance of 109 soulwinners knocking doors and 156 souls reported saved. We work with our people teaching them to follow up on prospects to bring them to church and take them forward to Biblical believer’s baptism. Every week this year, we have had first time visitors in our services, many public professions of faith and multiple baptisms. The church is growing and as a result, workers are being sent into the harvest. What a blessing to be part of a growing ministry!

We are currently working toward getting our facilities ready for our fall semester to begin. We need to build an apartment for staff; remodel three dorm rooms; and, put a roof on our dining hall. Please consider sending a special offering for these needs. It will be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you for being faithful to your missionaries. Your support got us here, but your prayer keeps us here. Keep on keeping on for the Lord!

Yours in His service,

Jonathan Ashcraft