Bro. Jonathan Ashcraft's December 2018 Prayer Letter

Dear Friends,

Our supporting churches are among the best in the world. It amazes us how you respond to needs and we are comforted and uplifted by your prayers. Thank you for being faithful for so many years. 

The caravan of migrants you have probably heard about on the news has given us some extra work the past few weeks. It isn’t uncommon to have a dozen, or so, Hondurans, Guatemalans, Nicaraguans and Salvadorians in our services each Sunday. Many are reached at the “Casa del Migrante” (The Migrant Home) set up about 30 minutes from our church. They always come to the service hungry for the gospel and usually accept Christ and are baptized in the same service. We are trying to do our part south of the border to give them what the really need: Jesus. 

The second week in November we held our annual Missions conference. What a blessing to have the team from IBJM (International Board of Jewish Missions) with us. We were able to hold a candidate school in the mornings and a missions conference in the evenings. The Lord touched the hearts of our people as they made their Faith Promise commitment. Over $60,000 pesos were promised monthly. That’s about $3,300 dollars from around 100 contributors. An added blessing were the twenty men, women and teenagers that surrendered their lives to full time Christian service on Saturday night!

A few years ago, I wrote to you about a mission we were starting in a city called Allende, Nuevo Leon. The man who began the work did a good job, but eventually moved to another location. I’ve been burdened about that specific area for years. This past September, I attended a conference in Peru with Bro. Zach Foust and the Missionary Team from First Baptist Church in Hammond, Indiana. In that conference, we, the pastors, were challenged to plan a church in the next year. The Lord impressed me with the need in Allende. After praying and thinking about it for a few weeks, God showed me a man in our ministry who has the heart and desire to fulfill this need. I approached brother Jesus Acosta with the plan and he accepted! He and his wife, Blanca, have already started visiting in the area and bringing visitors to our services on Sundays for baptism. As soon as possible, we will be finding a place for them to meet and hold services in Allende. Please pray for this new ministry and that the Lord would supply the needs of this new church. 

We are currently on our anual trip to the great white north (the Upper Peninsula of Michigan). Praise the Lord, our 2003 Chevrolet Venture (with around 225,000 miles on it) made it almost all the way to our first meeting. The man who worked on our van for a week (thank you, Brother Steve Sulivan) eventually came to the conclusion that it was not worth replacing the engine. Jenny, Jonathan, Tommy, Lucas, Megan and I went to one of the offices at the church where we were at the time and prayed for the Lord to supply us with a vehicle. Immediately our supporters began to respond to the need! We are still praying in some special offerings to buy a dependable vehicle. Will you pray with us? 

While on our trip, I’ve personally been able to lead 5 people to the Lord while out soul winning and many have come to Christ and been baptized in the services in which I’ve preached. We have been in the States for three weeks now and need to get home. We’ve looked into renting a vehicle and flying but both are terribly expensive. I know you will pray for us. 

Many souls are being added to your account every week as we endeavor to win the lost. Thank you for continuing to support us on the field in Monterrey, Mexico. 

P.S. We would love to host a group from your church. If you are looking for a mission field to visit, please consider coming to see us! 

Yours in His service,

Jonathan Ashcraft

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