50 years, and counting, planting churches.



Our passion is to reach Mexico and the world for Christ through the work of the local church, training men to plant national, autonomous and independent Baptist churches; and through personal, confrontational soul winning. We have see over 200 church es planted in our fifty years of faithful service and every year more nationals are trained and sent out to plant churches both in Mexico and in foreign lands.



Jesus Christ established the church to reach the lost. That is our ultimate goal. In order to reach that goal, we must provide for the following needs.


We must provide sound Bible doctrine and practical, hands-on ministry experience through local church ministries and Institute courses.


As men and women come to us for training we must house them in appropriate facilities.  No need for luxury, but basic needs must be met consistently.


Feeding the body is preemptive to feeding the mind and soul. We must offer daily nutrition in our institute dining hall which is in service year round.


Ministry is people, the people are out in the highways and hedges. We must provide transportation for our students to get to where the people are.


"A missions ministry you must not miss!"



Though we are in our fiftieth plus year, we are just getting started. The Mount Hebron Training Ministries were born in the home of missionary L. H. Ashcraft. As churches were being planted, the new members of the fledgling congregations we hungry for more biblical knowledge. Dr. Ashcraft taught the men in the living room and Mrs. Ashcraft taught the women in the kitchen. Their teenaged children, Tommy and Billie Jean, helped translate as well as taught music clases. 

After the home going of L. H. Ashcraft, Tommy Ashcraft continued the work of training nationals for the purpose of planting churches. Mount Hebron Baptist Church was established in 1982. The institute was placed under the authority of this local church and the institute students were given opportunities for hands-on ministry service. 

In 2016, Dr. Tommy Ashcraft passed the torch to his son, Jonathan. Under his direction more churches have been planted by national pastors and missionaries have been sent out to foreign nations. 

God is good and we believe there is more to come...